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Hair Weaves

Hair weaves and extensions are part of today's fashion, trend, and style. Clients often add extensions to change hair color, texture, style or for adding fullness and length. Extensions can be used as a temporary cosmetic solution, camouflaging breaking and damaged hair. There is no one size fits all with hair extension service. A consultation is highly recommended for clients who are trying these services, especially for first time service. The following information is for guidance when considering hair extensions.

There are several considerations when deciding on hair extensions: desired style, how long you plan to wear the style, hair selection, installation technique, and budget.

  • Style – Look through hair style magazines for photos of the style you would like. Your stylist will review individual starting place to determine steps to your desired style. Bring pictures to your stylist for use during the consultation.
  • How long do you plan to wear the extension style? Special occasion, a few weeks, a month, or long term (up to three months). Your expectation of how long you'll be wearing the style is important in determining choice of hair and technique.  Clients with severe alopecia may need long term solutions and plan to always wear hair pieces, wigs and closures. 
  • Hair selection – There are so many choices. Human or synthetic, straight, wavy, or curly, length of hair, color of hair. Which hair brands perform the best? The cost of hair is normally separate because of the wide choices in quality and cost. When purchasing hair is for short term use, lower price and/or synthetic hair is an okay option. When you want to wear your extension hair for eight (8) weeks or more, go for better quality with less tangling. Lesser quality hair often does not last as long as service installation technique.  Salon Baptiste offers natural single drawn Indian and Brazilian hair that is lasting clients up to one year with recommended care.   
  • Weave Techniques – Sew-in, strand by strand heat fusion or cold links, quick weave bonding, tape extension, comb extensions, lace fronts, lace closures, or full cap wigs. Sew-ins, net service, lace fronts, and full wig caps are used to cover long term thinning or for a change from wearing your natural locks. Micro stitch and micro link Malaysian no braiding sew in technique provides smooth weaves that lasts 6 to 12 weeks.
  • Budget – There are two separate cost considerations: hair and service. Discuss budget with your stylist to make sure your expectation is in line with your budget. If you plan to use high quality hair like natural human Indian Remy, your hair selection could last for more than one sew-in service. It is suggested that clients make salon visits as recommended by their stylist when wearing hair extensions, lace frontals, lace closures, and lace front wigs. Shampoo and condition your weave at least every 14 days as recommended by your stylist.
WE 1 Salon Baptiste offers custom sew-in hair service that lasts 12 or more weeks with proper care. Classic keratin tipped and I-Hair cold links in human remy hair are strand by strand techniques available. Cinderella tape hair and comb extension human hair are sold and installed at Salon Baptiste. Custom full head weave service with natural Indian Remy textures in straight, wavy or curly patterns. Your natural Indian Remy hair extensions can be custom colored or highlighted to blend. You are also welcome to bring your hair in from your preferred vendor.

Hair Weave Techniques available at Salon Baptiste

Quick weaves and bonding services normally cost less than other techniques; however, these styles are very temporary. Quick weaves or bonding is perfect for special occasion styles when you do not plan to wear the style beyond your next shampoo. Bonding is not recommended for long term use because it can damage the hair. Bonding to client hair typically does not hold up when shampooed and must be removed with caution. Quick weave (full head style) can be applied using a water soluble hair protection solution to completely avoid damage. Extensions bonded with the clients hair out typically run $95 and up for shampoo, condition, blow, add extension hair, cut and style. Consultation is required for quick weave designs. Service price does not include cost of hair.

image2 Hair weaves using cornrow braid foundations are great for long term.  This technique is great for extra length and fullness with or without the top of client's hair out. Go from short to long or long to short using any color or texture choice. Salon Baptiste specializes in micro stitch and Malaysian techniques that do not require braiding. Net can be installed as foundations for clients with thinning on the top of the head. A full head sew in is frequently used by natural hair clients who like to explore different textures. Sew in service can last up to 12 or more weeks. Sew-in weaves for adding fullness start around $120 for shampoo, condition, blow dry, sew-in design, trim and style. A Glamorous Sew In is $200 some of your hair is left out. Full head designs averages $250 with all hair put away.  Our work is custom to your face shape and desired style. Braid patterns are designed to allow ease of cleansing the scalp when shampooing.  You are given a quote during the consultation.

Strand by strand technique provides another option for clients with relaxed, straight, wavy & slight curl textures.  Keratin tipped Remy hair is used for either heat fusion or cold link extensions. Some of the client's hair is left out to blend over the extensions. Clients must have 4-5 inches in length for coverage. This technique provides incredible movement, styling options, fullness and length. This is one of the most glamorous and believable extension techniques and works well with straight, wavy, relaxed and perm hair. Classic keratin tips and/or cold links are great for adding highlights without using permanent color. You can create hair colors and amazing highlight and texture effects with this technique. Frequent salon visits are highly recommended to enjoy this technique for months. Service does not damage the hair when applied and cared for by a trained professional.  Price varies with size of head and density of hair, the amount of hair extensions to be added, and the length of hair extensions.  Full head cost from $800 including cost of hair (price varies with amount, length and color of hair added).  Highlights can be added as low as $10 per single tip.

Lace front wigs, lace closures and lace frontals are the hottest new trend used to achieve glamorous looks. Originally used to prepare actors for theatre, these pieces are now being used by celebrities and anyone who wants or needs the option. Lace fronts provide solutions for clients who experience extreme hair loss for medical reasons or loss of hairline caused by traction alopecia. Now clients seeking for new looks in hair color, texture, length and volume are using lace fronts. Lace fronts create the illusion of hair growing directly from the scalp around your hairline. It is always best to order custom design lace front wigs to ensure your fit and special needs. Lace hair pieces come in frontals, ¾ partials, and full wig units. We can combine the units with integration of your own hair and/or sew in techniques.
At Salon Baptiste, we prefer consulting with you before a decision is made on the technique, hair type and color of hair to be used. We can assist in selecting and recommending hair for your new extension design.  A free consultation includes explanation of hair extension terminology and options for ordering quality Yak, Silky Straight, Indian Remy Hair and European textures. Face to face consultations allow us the opportunity to select a design, hair type, color, and accurately quote your service.



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